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Toxic or Tonic?

What happened to our Arcadia? We stopped listening to it. We stopped dancing, we moved away, we started listening to the chant of the Machine instead. It is debt we chase now, not the moon. We are individuals, not parts … Continue reading

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After the wake of a man-boy

More blogging on stuff I’ve been reminded of, again from something I wrote privately almost 5 years ago: I attended a Wake Thursday, only we don’t call them that any more. In the coffin was a 32-year-old man-boy. In line as … Continue reading

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Meticulous truth-tellers

Alastair Roberts, a smart fellow, has a smart take on the viral video of BBC’s Kathy Newman beclowning herself in an interview with Jordan Peterson. I’ll assume you’ve watched the video and thus will omit most of Roberts’ summaries of … Continue reading

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Urban dreams

New Urbanism has had its share of critics. Some … have criticized New Urbanism because many new developments built along its principles occupy higher price points in the real estate market. They tend to be exclusive and unaffordable. The high prices, … Continue reading

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On Hail Mary Passes

From Classical Christian Education to the three kinds of appliances, my thought and others’ run. Continue reading

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Thursday 12/8/16

What won in 2016? Democrats’ racist appeals Who was Roshi? The obvious now needs a federal case Time to start an inquition Torturing data

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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has died. WSJ. NYT (which is fascinating and calls him “the master of erotic despair”). When he was young and fresh, I was too busy with other things, and as yet insufficiently attuned to poetry, to take note of … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 2/24/16

Three sublime, two that would be ridiculous were they not so scary. Continue reading

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Thursday, 2/18/16

“If I have a right to respect, you have a duty to show it to me, and woe betide those who fail to do so. You must give it to me, good and hard, and I’ll search you out to get it.” Continue reading

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Justice Scalia

Remembrances of a titan. Continue reading

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