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Soon, we’ll have little choice but to face reality

When I was young and idealistic, I knew a couple of things that I later forgot or repressed. One of them was that a Christian couldn’t be unequivocally happy about an economic system built on the human vice of acquisitiveness … Continue reading

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Church and State

Georgia State history professor David Sehat adds to the Washington Post “Five Myths” series a worthy “Five Myths about Church and State in America.” I’d like to add a few observations, though.

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Holy Friday

Some excerpts from the Orthodox services of Great and Holy Friday (from Fordham University), with apologies for formatting.

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Empty Promises

I finally got my fill of President Obama last week and stopped biting my tongue about him. I’d given him the benefit of the doubt for 27 months, but there comes a point when doubt ends. There were at least … Continue reading

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Holy Week

This is Holy Week in Christendom both East and West (as we agree on the date of Easter/Pascha this year).

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