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Sexualia grab-bag, 12/31/13

Companions in the wilderness Guilt versus Shame Will America Rue the Year? Russia ≠ U.S. Haters of Holy Covenants HJR 6 Scalia’s vindication

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Monday, 12/30/13

Scary places, scary people Slacktivist’s diversionary ploy Scientists assist a diversionary ploy Politifact: anything but a diversionary ploy? Calculus, not Rocket Science

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The Sins of Democracy

The veneration of saints, the honoring of icons and relics, the place held by the Mother of God are deeply offensive to modern democracy. The complaints heard by those who reject such things are quite telling. It is rarely the … Continue reading

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Saturday, 12/28/13

American religious liberty at the founding Dealt high trump, GOP folds 2 Old Tennis Buddies Can Jesse Jackson get his groove back? 2044: a preview Sometimes, I just hate Google

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What race was Jesus?

According to my Christmas newspaper, on page A1 (mercifully, below the fold), “this Christmas season brought a torrent of debate about whether Jesus was a white man,” and that debate “struck a nerve.”

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A Very Unsentimental Christmas Poem

This little Babe so few days old, is come to rifle Satan’s fold; All hell doth at His presence quake, though He Himself with cold do shake; For in this weak unarmed wise the gates of hell He will surprise. … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2013

Handling heterofriskiness with kid gloves My body, my self Unbracketing moral reasoning Persecution of “Christians”? Who’s Church history? Best Wishes for Christmas

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Mikhail Kalashnikov and culpability

Mikhail Kalashnikov, Creator of the AK-47, has died at age 94. He had little formal education, describing himself as a tinkerer. But he was an engineer at heart. How many – millions? tens of millions? – have died, pierced by projectiles from the … Continue reading

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Monday, 12/23/13

Playing with Fire How to read the Old Testament Bill Hybels, meet Richard Florida Great symbolism! (Less filling)

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10 Commandments, 4 Loves

A story was told by a modern, North American Orthodox Priest, about a young man of his Parish who came to confession. Among the sins confessed was “I cheated on my girlfriend.” Unsure what was meant, the Priest sought clarification: … Continue reading

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