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Wednesday, 4/30/14

Shredding fish?! Gloria Mundi’s Krustian Defenders block the transit Oh, yeah: Great Weather App Today’s Bread, Circus and 2-Minute Hate Culture, not knowledge

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Tuesday 4/29/14

Obscenity from Gloria Mundi in Indianapolis Swarthmore’s version of in loco parentis Contra mundi on equality You can blather, but we can read between the lines Facts versus Wisdom Meanwhile, in Rome …

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Monday, 4/18/14

What does it take to admit tragedy? Speak aright of human rights Changing times: Single, religious, educated, female Voter ID Fraud The return of dhimmitude Garry Wills: stylish writing, muddled thinking

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Four on Marriage, 4/27/14

A Gesture toward truce in the Culture Wars What’s wrong with a “throuple”? Patchwork Quilts and Roll-Up Solutions Halachically speaking

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Gradually the veil lifts

Might my former Evangelical and Calvinist co-religionists be waking up? Continue reading

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Saturday, 4/26/14

Simone Weil on Natural Weaknesses Demonizing isn’t a Policy Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism Kvetching Up a Sagamore of the Wabash Award Penal Atonement again

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Friday 4/25/14

First thing let’s do, let’s kill all them what won’t offer a pinch of incense. Continue reading

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Thursday, 4/24/14

Folly to the left of us, folly to the right of us … Continue reading

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Wednesday 4/23/14

Blind obedience 200 years: down the memory hole in 25 The vicious human rights bigots of yesteryear Father Revolutionary Autonomy? No, obediencen

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Nominalism and Realism (again 4/22/14)

After philosophical Nominalism took hold, says Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio Journal, [t]he universe lost the intelligibility that Christians had long attributed to it. The voluntarist thinking that accompanied nominalist assumptions reimagined God as irrational Will, not loving Logos. … Continue reading

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