Notes from a place worth caring about

James Howard Kunstler, traveling abroad, managed on Monday only a feeble notice that his weekly blog (which I shall euphemistically call “CFN”) would be delayed. It came on Tuesday, bearing the unpromising caption “Jet-Lagged and Ragged.”

I glanced, my jaw dropped, I thought I’d marked it for returning later, but I forgot it for a bit.

I wish Kunstler, a man in the prime of life (i.e., about my age) no health-endangering problems, but if this is how he writes jet-lagged and ragged, I’ll gladly glean the fruits of his ill-health: Continue reading “Notes from a place worth caring about”

Mine coquettes avec des cigarettes

This Saturday, October 29, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, Bach Chorale Singers, Bach Chorale Children’s Choir, and members of the Louisville Opera will present a semi-staged presentation of Bizet’s Carmen.

Nosebleed seats (second balcony) are now reduced to $20!

Production week started well. I’m confident that it’s coming together into “standing O” territory. Be there or be square!