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Halloween Candy edition

Genius, not smart. What soaking the rich can’t do. When “terrorism” isn’t. Brutalist Religion. Cute ad. Thinking Outside the Box on Vatican Supranational Authority Idea. American Oligarchy. Opposition Research.

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Sunday, 10/30/11

WaPo Website 5 Myths about American Exceptionalism. Art Ouch!

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Tasty Tidbits 10/29/11

Pavlov’s Pundit. Which “Sharia”? Social mobility report. 3rd party sehnsucht. On the other hand, there’s SCOTUS. Bucket-Listers vs. Pilgrims. Just now appearing on my radar.

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Tasty Tidbits 10/28/11

Kudos to the Cards. Social Injustice ≠ Civil Rights Violation The glue that binds. Tenured radical.

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Notes from a place worth caring about

James Howard Kunstler, traveling abroad, managed on Monday only a feeble notice that his weekly blog (which I shall euphemistically call “CFN”) would be delayed. It came on Tuesday, bearing the unpromising caption “Jet-Lagged and Ragged.” I glanced, my jaw … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 10/27/11

Mormonism less Christian than is Islam? Unique writings, unique reading. This story could change your life. Spitzer nostalgia. Kophos Saving capitalism from cronyism. 28,000 youth suicide attempts.

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The 10%

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Mine coquettes avec des cigarettes

This Saturday, October 29, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, Bach Chorale Singers, Bach Chorale Children’s Choir, and members of the Louisville Opera will present a semi-staged presentation of Bizet’s Carmen. Nosebleed seats (second balcony) are now reduced to $20! Production week started … Continue reading

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Inadvertent bonus.

The Return of the Knee-Jerk Liberal. Is God Answerable to Justice? Proactivity. Sucking Our Brains Out Through Our Eyes. I accidentally published this when I meant merely to save a draft, so I’ve now quickly cleaned it up.

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Baby Food (and a Punkin’) 10/26/11

Number 7 Billion. You can’t say that because someone might feel bad. Win this Baby (exact specification may vary). Pagan/Christian Confusion.

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