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What is “conservative”?

Can I still call myself conservative? The answer depends on your definition. Here’s one I’ve always liked: “The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society,” said the late Daniel Patrick … Continue reading

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Spitting in the soup

That people associated with a university would invite a hateful mythmonger like Richard Spencer to campus is a tragedy; but it’s a greater tragedy that someone like Spencer is a public figure at all. That’s not something that even the … Continue reading

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Lossy compression

I just (when I wrote; not when this was released) finished reading two blogs and a New Atlantis article, all three related. They individually and collectively hit me so powerfully that I have scheduled a reminder to come back to … Continue reading

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First Amendment Follies

Which is more depressing? A California Attorney General ignorant of the first amendment or contemptuous of his oath to uphold the constitution; or A group of Texas College Presidents who, presumably having deliberated carefully, apparently couldn’t find among them even … Continue reading

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More lies in an age of lies

When people care enough about history to study and read it, it’s a small sin to lie and mislead in dramas. But when people get their history through entertainment, when they absorb the story of their times only through screens, … Continue reading

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Game, set, match

Donald J. Trump presumably needs no introduction. Jim Sciutto is, incredibly enough, CNN Chief National Security Correspondent. John Cardillo is a Trump and #MAGA buff who has a talk show or something analogous on the net. David Harsanyi is a … Continue reading

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Bad Analogies

[N]o one, not the most wild-eyed critic of the principles underlying the civil-rights legislation of the 1960s, ever suggested that, if such laws were passed, they would lead to obscure Christian bakers’ being forced at the point of government bayonets … Continue reading

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Hatchet-Job History

[I]nexcusably sloppy editorializing posing as scholarship has becoming increasingly characteristic of the conservative movement as a media phenomenon. Editorial opinions dressed up as as scholarship and then placed in book form and mass-marketed have become part of the new highbrow … Continue reading

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Speech or Religion?

I wrote several times, I’m pretty sure, that I thought the Masterpiece Cakeshop case would be argued by Jack Phillips’ attorney, and would ultimately be won, as a case about compelled artistic expression, a violation of the First Amendment’s speech … Continue reading

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Toxins and antidotes

I encountered one of this quotes before and may have shared it, but now I’ve read the whole article: When I was at Yale in the 1980s, I was given so many tools for understanding the world. By the time … Continue reading

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