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More on The Nashville Statement

In which Tipsy finds himself, unsettled, between Evangelical leaders and The Pastrix. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 8/30/17

Evangelizing the Alt-Right Man, Woman, Mayor Always folly Black America’s climb, fall

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Harvey Not really a Touché Diminished expectations “Selma Envy” vs Reagan Envy.” More thoughts on the Arpaio pardon Who’s confused? The Nashville Statement

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Tuesday, 8/29/17

What are you wearing? A family-friendly Provincetown? Bourgeois norms Whom the gods would destroy … Trump’s idea of patriotism GOP forfeits to the Populists

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Monday, 8/28/17

Status report Selective indignation Breitbart: no more for me Update and apology Strange times

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Hurricane Havey Tweets of note

I just can’t bring myself to even consider providing aid to any red state, let them clean up their own mess. — Charitable Humans (@CharitableHuman) August 26, 2017 Sadly, that is not even the worst thing the misnamed “CharitableHuman” … Continue reading

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Gleaned from the Twittersphere, 8/27/17

Declinism Bringing us together Stating the obvious Stating the only slightly less obvious Boiler Up!

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Saturday, 8/26/17

Hate, Free Speech, Mindfulness and other timely subjects. Continue reading

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Friday evening, 8/25/17

A potpourri, ranging from SPLC to Robert E. Lee to the Vatican and our southern border. Continue reading

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Valorizing spontaneity

I’ve been gathering some things for a blog that’s not ready for prime time. These stood out and I’m breaking them out.

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