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Thursday, 6/30/16

Mondays abortion decision and Brexit Continue reading

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Tuesday, 6/28/16

A little devil sitting in the heart. The futility of one kind of apology. Why we don’t want a Constitutional Convention today. Continue reading

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Two mensch and a meschess

Lydia McGrew, Douglas Laycock and Russell Moore give me hope for American humanity. Continue reading

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Brexit and Scapegoating

Defenders of Brexit and a writer I’d lost track of on scapegoating. Continue reading

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News you can’t use

I shoulda seen this coming. The Donald got hisself borned again. Continue reading

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Saturday, 6/25/16

Four with clear political focus, two without. Continue reading

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Thursday, 6/23/16

Still #NeverTrump, #NeverClinton. A suggestion for disaffected Evangelicals. Take me out to this flick. Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/22/16

Quite an array, from lethal rescuers to Evangelical sycophants, with Islam, modernity, a clash of Christianities and conservatism at a crossroads along the way. Continue reading

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Fear turning into hatred

As an angry and disaffected youth, back in the 1970s and 1980s, long before my subsequent change of heart and conversion to Catholicism, I had been a leading member of the National Front, which would later metamorphose into the British … Continue reading

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Hodge-Podge, 6/18/16

An unusual and varied collection today, from the No true Scotsman fallacy to a call for wholesale Christian conscientious objection IF …. Continue reading

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