Westminster vs. The Fathers

The most familiar Calvinist synopsis in the U.S. probably is the Westminster Catechism, a product of British Calvinism. Having been an ardent Calvinist for 20 years, I nevertheless was stunned this morning to see how stark is the contrast between the “let’s keep God at arms’ length” approach of Calvinism and the radical teaching of the Fathers.

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TJ’s Excellent 15 Minutes of Fame

Michael Gerson at the Washington Post has an Op-Ed on — how best to put it? — the insanity of “Pastor” Terry Jones getting his 15 minutes of fame so cheaply.

Gerson is, if I recall correctly, an Evangelical Protestant — perhaps even a Wheaton College Evangelical — so it was interesting to see his spin on why Muslims go postal at a threatened Koran-burning while Christians (a far more equivocal term than you might think, but serviceable in this context) remain pretty mellow about sacrilege Continue reading