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An Old Man’s Prayer

It’s hard to know sometimes whether I’ve forsaken my sins or some of them have forsaken me.

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Six times per year I get an e-mail that make my little ole heart go pitter-pat, pitter pat: the latest issue of Mars Hill Audio Journal is available for downloading.

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Westminster vs. The Fathers

The most familiar Calvinist synopsis in the U.S. probably is the Westminster Catechism, a product of British Calvinism. Having been an ardent Calvinist for 20 years, I nevertheless was stunned this morning to see how stark is the contrast between … Continue reading

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Where and how to fight

It is not as important to slay your enemy outside the city as it is not to let him into the city.

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Jim Wallis struts and preens

Jim Wallis, head of Sojourners and longtime Religious Left leader, has a very revealing column in the Washington Post about the “behind the scenes” scrambling to avert last weekend’s scheduled Koran-burning. What it reveals mostly is his self-importance

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The paradoxes of knowing God

“You cannot know God – but you have to know Him to know that.” Fr. Thomas Hopko. “The God whom we seek to know is not the same thing as the “God of our understanding,” much less the God of … Continue reading

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Victimless sin?

I assume there are still people around who inveigh that there should be no “victimless crimes” — no legal threat if you’re “only having a little fun” or “only hurting yourself.” Well, maybe. But there are no victimless sins.

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Whaddya mean, “sin”?

In conversation with others, I have adopted the reflex of avoiding the word “sin” because of how it is (mis)understood in the Christian West

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TJ’s Excellent 15 Minutes of Fame

Michael Gerson at the Washington Post has an Op-Ed on — how best to put it? — the insanity of “Pastor” Terry Jones getting his 15 minutes of fame so cheaply. Gerson is, if I recall correctly, an Evangelical Protestant … Continue reading

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Lowering the ante

It bother me that sanctimonious jerks can so easily make me sympathize with certified, publicity-seeking creepy-crawlies. 

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