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Countercultural Thoughts

“What ifs” about salvation Is there a space where God has no claims? Interiorizing Democracy

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Virtue signaling run amok

Virtue signaling run amok, plus “Not the intelligence assessment he asked for,” getting a case of the Political Shingles, and arguably the Best rhetorical question of the week. Continue reading

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Fierce anti-intellectual speaks

Fierce anti-intellectual speaks; Eradicate ugliness and stupidity; Wasting the biggest microphone in the world; On not “getting it”; The disconnect boggles the mind Continue reading

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What was Doug Coe really up to?

What was Doug Coe really up to? – How dare you not vilify those I vilify?! – The ivy echo chamber – Reflexively conservative Progressives – Randi Weingarten is a liar Continue reading

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Fabulous satire (and more)

Fabulous satire, political realignment, fact-free journalism, CPAC, political realignment, and the loss of conviction in the West Continue reading

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Tuesday 2/21/17

How long has this been going on?; Rotten to the core; The Democrats’ cultural advantage; A President of Biblical proportions; Public accommodation Continue reading

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Monday 2/20/17

Enemies of Enemies; Legal Refresher Course; A rose by another name; A million lies is a statistic Continue reading

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Sunday 2/19/17

Christians who don’t do something like the Benedict Option aren’t going to make it through the time of trial to come — not without apostasy. Continue reading

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Saturday 2/18/17

A potpourri, but the first two are the most important, it seems to me. Continue reading

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Friday 2/17/17

Back from the precipice for a day. No fuzzy cats, but nothing hypercritical either. Continue reading

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