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Debate commentary aggrregation

“I know there were people last night watching the debate and then live-tweeting their responses — like people in the Ninth Circle of Hell who don’t think their circumstances are bad enough and try to dig a Tenth Circle with their bleeding raw fingers.” Wish I’d written that. Continue reading

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Potpourri 9/3/20

Because we will protect ourselves
from ourselves to the point
of destroying ourselves—Lord have mercy. Continue reading

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Scary stories ’round the campfire

Things are getting ugly, with Portland streets taken over by antifa (the press pretends that alt-right agitators are the real story) and Trump’s takeover of the GOP playing out pathetically at a convention with no platform, only grievances and lurid stories around the campfire. Continue reading

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Miscellany – August 24, 2020

There’s not going to be a Republican platform this year. This is just saying, “Whatever Trump does, we support.” Continue reading

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Those cunning Brits

Revival of a British comedy shows some genius. Continue reading

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A quiz

Take your pick. Is that video: Lies! Lies! All a pack of lies! What you always suspected. Either way, you risk confirmation bias, but everything I know about Trump tells me the correct answer is 2.   * * * … Continue reading

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Return of the potpourri

Much interesting reading today. Continue reading

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“What are the duties required in the ninth commandment?”

Christians have some non-negotiable standards, even in politics, and even if “they” are violating those standards. Continue reading

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“Because of … Sex”

Some personal thoughts and some channeling of smarter people’s thoughts on yesterday’s SCOTUS decision on Title VII and SOGI. Continue reading

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President Molotov

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted about the “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons” that shield him and make him safe. Young Secret Service agents were girding for a fight, he wrote. Presidents don’t normally feel compelled to boast about their … Continue reading

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