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“New Immutability” vs. Systemic bias

Why is it illegal to discriminate on the basis of certain traits but not others? Continue reading

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The Righteous Reaction

All Joseph wanted to do in this situation was: 1. protect Her from public disgrace, and 2. dismiss Her “quietly.” Continue reading

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The Morning After (no pill)

Colorado Springs shootings: the press has no clue; neither do I. But I can admit it. What doesn’t add up? Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/28/15

Don’t hold your breath — Popehat plays this one straight — Speaking doubt to cocksure hegemony — The Donald and his hit men Continue reading

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Friday, 11/27/15

Adhering to the rules – Un-Willing – You want the early Church? – Bold, contrarian conformity – Children’s contingent rights – What would Lincoln do? Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day, 2015

The philosophy of the cancer cell Spotlight Will “we always have Paris”? The Yale Problem Paradise or Utopia? Xmassy Traditions

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Monday, 11/23/15

So, an Islamist, a feminist, and an oligarch hijack this train and ….
Evangelicals dithering for a refugee proof-text.
More. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/21/15

Where else can you find neuroplasticity and duct tape cheek by jowl? Continue reading

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On arguing with integrity

Seth Godin’s Saturday blog was evocative for me: Each of us understands that different people are swayed by different sorts of arguments, based on different ways of viewing the world. That seems sort of obvious. A toddler might want an orange juice … Continue reading

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Thursday, 11/19/15

Praise-song for meaningless togetherness — 49 is the new 42 — Ho! Ho! Ho! One more damned stressor! — Diversity. Harmony. Pick one. Continue reading

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