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Tuesday, 10/10/17

Apologies today Libertarians today Hollywood tomorrow Onward toward Mars! Real pluralism Weinstein’s ambitious enablers Christianity Today Tweetables

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Labor Day, 9/4/17

1 I heard a podcast homily Sunday that brought me up short. I have been fastidious about keeping politics out of Church — as in “don’t bring it up at coffee hour, and don’t join in if someone else does.” It’s … Continue reading

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Trump in Warsaw

Almost thou makest me a Trumpista, you grievance-mongering idiots. Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/23/17

I keep coming up with collections that only can be called potpourri or equivalent. Continue reading

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Friday 12/16/16

Science as science; Hiking the Holy Mountain; Physical and Spiritual?; Trump’s appointees; Who’s obsessed with Ayn Rand?; The Narrative and True Truth Continue reading

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Friday 12/2/16

Dag Hammarskjöld and the world of post-truth; My sympathies with Russian in Culture War 2.0; four more. Continue reading

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Wednesday 11/30/16

The King’s Banquet Francis and The Dubia What use is “middle ages”? How convenient! France’s wart

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Saturday 11/12/16

Prayer Mission Accomplished? A natural, self-driven eruption Trump’s Secret Weapon I thought The Vapors were passé Cobbler, stick to your last Pollster shame

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Sunday, 5/29/16

Music that speaks to me No forced choice

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Saturday, 3/5/16

A potpourri, including some out-of-the-ordinary political (sigh!) and economic comments. Continue reading

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