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The Golden Globe deflection

Deflection as a media strategy has become an art form. Its purpose is to avoid answering a charge by misdirecting it and confusing the issue. It’s often used during crisis. There are classics of the genre. After Princess Diana died … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2017

No politics. No sex. No snark. One parable, if that’s what you care to make of it. Continue reading

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Saturday of an eventful week

This may set a record for categories and tags. I thought of splitting it, but it’s somewhat through-composed. Continue reading

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Saturday, 9/30/17

  Pope Francis’ high-wire act Catholic kid anecdote Air Force Academy kerfuffle Police shooting data, not anecdote He said what?!?! Tending the soul, polishing the brand The incredible shrinking soft-spot

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Total Eclipse 2017

Here comes President Honey Boo Boo and a couple of trifles. You’d not miss much if you skipped it. Continue reading

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Potpourri, 7/25/17 (evening)

Is the denoument near? O.J., historic figure; religion & rationality; ranking existential threats; more … Continue reading

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Mélange 7/18/17

Sentimental reactions Bernard of Clairveaux’s Jihad Invoking intersectionality A quicky on depression Living in a pratfall paradise Gaining soul, losing world

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The reins of our brains

Nothing whatever about you-know-who leaves time for something from the heart. Continue reading

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A Day That Will Live in Infamy 2016

What the Gypsy woman said, the intro to a very fine internet essay. Race in the election just past. General Mattis. Speech, constrained in France, compelled in USA; The Great Hair Salon freakout. Continue reading

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Monday 11/7/16

Relatively absolute; The aspirin of our era; Assessing a candidate with no government track record; America First? Continue reading

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