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Halloween 2014

If you find religious discussions boring, skip this one. Every item is franky and openly religious, not just religiously informed. Continue reading

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Wednesday 10/29/14

Too parochial to see the obvious The truth about evil Secularism’s Church Liberation from sanity Unpatriotic Conservatives Rick Perry: Stupid in Nature

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Sunday, 10/25/14

I’m convinced that the perfectly logical, Star Trek Spock figure doesn’t exist, and if he did, he’d miss part of what it means to be human. What prompts that musing (“I write to see what I think,” someone wrote) is … Continue reading

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Saturday, 10/25/14

More absolute than the Puritans Catastrophic victory TGI Yuval Levin What’s next for non-gnostic Churches? At home in exile Lipstick can’t obscure the misogyny

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Thursday, 10/23/14

Naked public universities, naked foreign policy, Churches that don’t know what they’re about and churches that pander (because the customer is always right) Continue reading

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Wednesday, 10/22/14

More on the Synod and … Still More on the Synod Elma Mae Wombat and the Zither Kings More pressing things on their mind Consumers of Bandaids and Genders One ipse dixit on Prayer Books

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Synod wrap-up of sorts

A few thoughts related to the synod recently concluded. I think they’re original, or at least I didn’t plagiarize them. Also, an “I told you so.” Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/19/14

Higher ratio than usual of good news, including the 2014 SCOTUS term on religious liberty Continue reading

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Friday, 10/17/14

I’ll consider not writing about this when the propaganda from the other side ceases and the arguments from my allies cease being, so often, misguided or totally ineffectual. (And when Princes of the Roman Church stop lying.) Continue reading

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Tuesday, 10/14/14

Political anthrax Brian Howey, judicial ignoramus Pro Tip (too late) for Richard Roberts

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