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Monday, 10/13/14

Reflections on the health benefits of organic food, the explosion of Benedict-talk, and two short items, at least one of them by an author who’s too full of himself. Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/12/14

“I never heard the Gospel there” The history should leave them speechless For the cure of mankind Progressive consistency Parochial Liberalism The birth of the pill Truth wrapped in falsehood

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Oh! How we love the poor children of backward lands!

I couldn’t help myself. I heard about the Nobel Peace Prize recipients, but couldn’t stop thinking about something else. The Nobel laureates were chosen for their work to assure the right of children (and of girls in particular in one … Continue reading

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Friday, 10/10/14

Intellectuals and Aesthetes Heinrich Himmler, family man Progressives gleefully knock down the bedroom door Diversity in the parish Marriage as another tool in the lawyerly kit Development quotables Porn, politics, and pro sports The Evangelical apostasy that, mercifully, wasn’t

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Wednesday, 10/8/14

Will Gordon College offer a pinch of incense? Also, drive-by virtue, my developing Ringxiety and more. Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/5/14

Liberty’s variety An avatar of pure fear Pragmatists and Ideologues By the book, no questions asked Helen Reddy was too timid The Mystery Passage goes to Denmark That subversive Bill of Rights

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Pulpit Provocation Sunday

Today is “Pulpit Provocation Freedom Sunday,” which vies powerfully for “most annoying idea ADF ever came up with.” Here’s the deal. ADF, a public interest law firm with which I have been affiliated and still support sporadically (if you think that’s hypocritical, … Continue reading

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Saturday, 10/4/14

“Shut up about being a burden. I love you.” is my favorite today. Another, which I thought was a backwater, is already getting attention from everyone it seems. Continue reading

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Friday, 10/3/14

“Has your Bible become a Quran?” followed mostly by articles with a religious nexus, with two on law just for seasoning. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 10/1/14

Two on education, one each on science and scripture, and two on sexuality. Continue reading

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