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Clippings 12/20/18.

1 I don’t share the anxiety many conservatives have about Islam in America (Islam in Europe is a different matter, for particularly European reasons). For better or for worse, post-Christian America is going to turn Islam into Moralistic Therapeutic Deism … Continue reading

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Venerating God, Worshiping Nothing

I’ve been an Orthodox Christian now for a bit more than 21 years. During that time, I’ve heard (and enjoyed hearing) some things that struck me as cute quips or snappy evangelistic comebacks. One, which I thought of as just … Continue reading

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On the other hand …

Two critiques of Billy Graham to complement yesteray’s eulogy. Continue reading

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Would Billy Graham be disgusted by evangelicals today?

The Washington Post, which features religion coverage well above average, asks as some length “Would Billy Graham be disgusted by evangelicals today?” My short and immediate answer was “If he was, we’d never know it.” I stand by that after … Continue reading

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Wednesday 10/12/16

No candidate attacks today, but some equal opportunity gallows humor and more. Continue reading

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Quislings gotta quisle (and a more charitable explanation)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an Evangelical organization that played important roles in the college and young adult lives of both me and Mrs. Tipsy (this book, for one major instance, packed one of the pivotal epiphanies of my life as a Christian), … Continue reading

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Thursday, 12/11/14

Just two requests: … We used to say “under the radar” You knew, didn’t you? Abandoning chemical uterine defoliants is a start Our sincere, untrustworthy Governor

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Saturday, 10/4/14

“Shut up about being a burden. I love you.” is my favorite today. Another, which I thought was a backwater, is already getting attention from everyone it seems. Continue reading

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The World Vision kerfuffle

In the hour of real trial, will Evangelicalism field 7,000 unbent knees, a squadron of Polycarps who won’t offer even a pinch of incense? Continue reading

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