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“Now what?” How about National Conservatism?

This morning, I sincerely suggested that there’s no sense in my (or anyone’s) mere rehearsing and re-rehearsing the core evils regularly reflected in our President’s rhetoric, even on the pretext of a new Presidential utterance confirming that he does, indeed, … Continue reading

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Cultural Marxism?

When I was a conservative Protestant 20+ years ago, I and others developed the bad rhetorical habit of labeling any liberalizing trend we disliked as “Secular Humanism” at work. That term was used every bit as imprecisely as the journalistic … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 2/11/19

Distinguishing narrative sh*t from Shinola, pro-Islam blather, socialist blather, the great moral crisis of our time, #TeslaFail and more. Continue reading

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Clippings and comment, 1/22/19 pm

1 David Brooks: [I]n the age of social media [polarization is] almost entirely about social type. It’s about finding and spreading the viral soap operas that are supposed to reveal the dark hearts of those who are in the opposite … Continue reading

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Clippings (and a little opinion) 11/30/18

In some ways the most important items are last, but they have to do with heroes like Robert Mueller and villains like Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen. Some of you therefore might experience serious cognitive dissonance. 1 It’s … Continue reading

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Woke for what purpose?

David Brooks nails it, though it stings: In an older frame of mind, you try to perceive the size of a problem objectively, and then you propose a solution, which might either be radical or moderate, conservative or liberal. You … Continue reading

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Hany Farid, Algorithm King

Is Hany Farid a mensch, or is he taking this algorithm thing Orwellian? Three others. Continue reading

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Wednesday 10/12/16

No candidate attacks today, but some equal opportunity gallows humor and more. Continue reading

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Quislings gotta quisle (and a more charitable explanation)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an Evangelical organization that played important roles in the college and young adult lives of both me and Mrs. Tipsy (this book, for one major instance, packed one of the pivotal epiphanies of my life as a Christian), … Continue reading

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Wednesday 8/31/16

Reno’s cunning translations; The other persecutors; Michael Tracey’s cunning distillation; Dolchstoßlegende; The Great Pander; The dysphoric trans tweens of yore; Our coming Public Accommodation?
Would I stand for the Anthem if …? Continue reading

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