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Tattletale telltales

Professor Jonathan Turley’s warning to yesterday’s Congressional impeachment panel sounds right about bad precedent. Continue reading

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Taking the easy way out

Sohrab Ahmari is an impetuous young man, new to his Christian faith, and ready to take the easy and sub-Christian route while pretending to be tough-minded and über-Christian. Continue reading

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Potpourri, 2/11/19

Distinguishing narrative sh*t from Shinola, pro-Islam blather, socialist blather, the great moral crisis of our time, #TeslaFail and more. Continue reading

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Potpourri, 12/22/18

Lacking anything better to do, Senate takes “corrective action” against nation’s dead great-grandparents. More … Continue reading

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Clippings and commentary, 12/1/18

Andrew Sullivan was on fire yesterday. On this lousy grey day, I’ve found other bright spots on the net. Continue reading

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[H]uman freedom, properly understood, tries to resist the forces of utility that devalue human beings. [Patrick] Deneen said he lead at Notre Dame a class on the idea of utopia, from ancient days until now. At the end, he polled … Continue reading

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Megan Barry – for the record

The @CBMWorg‘s so-called “Nashville Statement” is poorly named and does not represent the inclusive values of the city & people of Nashville (@MayorMeganBarry, 8/29/17) Article 2 WE AFFIRM that God’s revealed will for all people is chastity outside of marriage … Continue reading

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Deferring to the data gods

Once upon a time, when we had a problem that was convoluted and unsettling to deal with, we’d figure out some way to medicalize it, sending it off to the doctor-god. We’re doing that with Artificial “Intelligence” now. Welfare, homelessness, … Continue reading

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Sneaky buggers

Overheard (after a fashion): Did you know that Greyhouse was a Christian coffee house? No! Shouldn’t they warn people?! That one gets better after it (tea warning) steeps a while (end tea warning). * * * * * Some succinct … Continue reading

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Any stick will do …

A most strange complaint was channeled through NPR’s All Things Considered Monday. Although 90% of deportations under Donald Trump have been to Mexico, Guatamala, Honduras and El Salvador, some of the other 10% are up in arms: “It’s really indiscriminate. … Continue reading

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