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Thursday, 10/29/15

Two on diversity, Teach for American propagandists, Donald’s Biggest Deal, foreign policy blunders, more. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 10/28/15

Foreign affairs, domestic derangement syndromes, cynicism vs. naïveté, who won the synod, poetry infatuation, the real meaning of “dialog” and more. Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/25/15

Tradition and Innovation Secularist Churches The Pandering Apostle The Diversity Delusion One size fits some Poet Mary Oliver I needed to know this?

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Thursday, 10/21/15

Miscellany, edited by Chicken Little. Continue reading

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Politics and other ephemera

Ben Carson and the Press Ted Cruz Paul Ryan Minor perverts Tipping is Marxist?

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Wednesday, 10/21/15

Abolishing the unforeseeable; Canadians: You may lower your noses now; Relative scandal; Subliminal paganism; Thrilled by bigness Continue reading

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Monday, 10/19/15

Disturbing Convergence Pie in the Sky meets Yes we Can! Sanctuary Cities Strong, clear, unbending perverts Tweet of the Week

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Monday, 10/12/15

Miscellany. Not too partisan. Not too religious. Just right. Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/11/15

Unity and Schism Twixt Culture War Sermons and Unspeakability Where Democracy’s a Pathogen Christian Celebrity Culture A parable for our age

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Da daddy bone meandered to da sane bone. Now hear da word of da Lawd. Continue reading

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