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Clippings & Comment, 2/9/19

A little scat with big band, Adidas stumbles, corporate oppression passes government oppression, and more. Continue reading

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How Conservatives are deviant

How Conservatives are deviant and other cantakerous push-back. Continue reading

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“Hate Crimes”

Why am I uneasy with hate crimes laws? Partly, or perhaps entirely, because I have a presumption against new laws, particularly ones that empower prosecutors to engage in public preening. A new law doesn’t, or shouldn’t, “sound like a good … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 11/20/18

Starting with a great David Brooks excerpt; introducing the “woke workplace”; Continue reading

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We’re after power and we mean it

WordPress, the platform I use for this blog (see footer for my other blog) has stooped to censoring material that should not be censored in any society that values free speech. I regret this very much. The story that got … Continue reading

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Trading Lenin for Bezos

Of Amazon’s decision to expand in New York and suburban D.C.: I used to be suspicious of the phrase “costal elites,” but it seems more apt every day. And as those elites congregate with one another, and concentrate their wealth … Continue reading

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What’s not to like?

What’s not to like? Federalism vindicated and subsidiarity as national policy. Pretty soon, we might have a full-blown modus vivendi. (Moi, hier) The morning wasn’t over before I was thinking about what’s not to like: corporate power possibly becoming even … Continue reading

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Young people are showing a strange attraction to socialism, as are many Christians who might have been expected to sustain [Michael] Novak’s philosophy of virtuous capitalism. The U.S. lacks leaders who combine prudence and moral vision. (Robert A. Sirico, What … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/22/17

Would waiting for marriage give us warts on our hands and drive us insane? Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/3/17

Law of Merited Impossibility Update No enemies on the Right? Cardinal Sarah is a Mensch The Left awakens, slowly, to the Alt-Left Will Houston hurt more than N’Awlins? Made IN

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