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A soft answer?

We’ve reached a juncture where, I think, most people (even in my part of “flyover land”) know and have friendly relations with gays and lesbians who are remarkably normal. Involved in music and arts, I certainly do, and it has … Continue reading

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Creed and deed

Are Christian ethics separable from Christian doctrine? Continue reading

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Meticulous truth-tellers

Alastair Roberts, a smart fellow, has a smart take on the viral video of BBC’s Kathy Newman beclowning herself in an interview with Jordan Peterson. I’ll assume you’ve watched the video and thus will omit most of Roberts’ summaries of … Continue reading

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Bible Answer Man swims the Bosphorus

Bible Answer Man swims the Bosphorus Where would we be without sociology? Civil Religion

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Wednesday 10/26/16

“Highest and Best” – A sickly sub-pagan state – Liberal ultramontanism – BLM – More than a little ironic – Religious Right: theological liberals – Jack Chick, RIP Continue reading

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Friday, 5/20/16

Would it help if the Little Sisters of the Poor went to jail? That’s about as religious as today’s obsessively political installment gets. Continue reading

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