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I score “one gaff, one outrage”

Obama says he’s black! And Hillary says Canada’s Prime Minister is stupid about what constitutes health. Continue reading

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In the works

I have several things going right now that are either time-consuming or interesting. I’m reading David Bentley Hart’s book “Atheist Delusions,” which is, it seems to me, not just a deserved mocking of the inadequacies of the famous “New Atheist” … Continue reading

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Interlochen Center for the Arts

The caller had a mature voice that wasn’t reading from a script. He thanked me for past gifts – and it sounded sincere. He offered to tell me where they’d gone: 100% for scholarship aid. Not for buildings, or new air conditioning, let alone to pay the gas and light bills, but directly to scholarships. Before we were done, he asked about my interests, made recommendations he thought I might enjoy, and thanked me again. He’s just two years younger than me. Oh yeah: he asked for $100. Not for him, of course. Continue reading

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“Strict abortion measures”?

Has it come to this? “A law that women undergo an ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before having an abortion” is described as “strict” and a “highly restrictive abortion measure”? Continue reading

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NYT Opinions on Goldman Sachs (and why I won’t boycott Arizona)

David Brooks, the New York Times’ genial sorta-conservative columnist, views the financial reform debate roughly as I do, which makes me tentatively pleased that the GOP turned the lemmings back from the cliff yesterday: The premise of the current financial … Continue reading

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“A very efficient way of producing human happiness.”

There’s an excellent little essay by Mark Mitchell at Front Porch Republic today that distills a lot of what that site/blog/movement is about. I especially liked this paragraph: Wilhelm Röpke recounts a conversation he had with a prominent economist in … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs – “the other side” told persuasively

“Goldman Sachs” is not a term of endearment at my favorite websites, such as Front Porch Republic. And I have reflected my own ill-ease with such too big to fail concerns in recent weeks, as well as passing along some … Continue reading

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Honk if you love irony

I started a month and a half ago to try to write a very trenchant post taking this music video as its point of departure. Maybe someday I’ll get around to it, but to say what I wrote wasn’t ready … Continue reading

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Franklin Graham

There is a kerfuffle about Franklin Graham being excluded from some upcoming government-sponsored events because of his criticism of Islam as “evil” (not my scare quotes; I unequivocally believe in evil). For instance, testosterone-crazed Doug Giles rails here against the … Continue reading

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Singing in the Flame

The Orthodox Church regularly remembers important Biblical people and events that other traditions may overlook. This goes beyond following a prescribed cycle of scripture readings in the liturgy and other services of the Church. It’s even built into the prescribed … Continue reading

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