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Dissing Earth Day

Bill Kauffman — independent and perceptive, but not so full of himself as to become tedious — a year ago wrote To Hell With Earth Day; Long Live Arbor Day! It’s worth a reprise while it’s still Arbor Earth Day.

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The high cost of living “simply”

There’s a provocative column and thoughtful responses shaping up at In Character: A Journal of Everyday Virtues, about living simply. We have been here and done this before: Weekend hippies Limousine liberals Bobos in Paradise Ah, the human capacity for … Continue reading

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Pithless Products from Curmudgeon the Recluse

I can’t not pass this on to my Orthodox brothers and sisters. Hilarious tangibles from the creator of Curmudgeon the Recluse.

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Nature and Humanity in Orthodox Christianity

Father Stephen this time mediates a YouTube video (okay, it’s two still photos, some text, and some appropriate background music) frame for one of the Twentieth Century’s great Saints’ poetic reflections on the nexus between (1) humankind’s various sins, transgressions … Continue reading

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Catholic Church gets extra scrutiny because it’s not 100% cool with modern prejudices and vices. The Orthodox Church will get the same treatment as we grow … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs again: a defender and a “third way” step back

Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal rises to the defense of Goldman Sachs, and this time it’s not half-hearted. (You knew someone would, didn’t you? Some people are just contrary.) Make no mistake: The gestalt behind the SEC case … Continue reading

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CLS/Hastings update

The arguments were had before the Supremes yesterday, after my post and bold-if-not-foolish prediction. Gordon Crovitz of the Wall Street Journal summarizes nicely here: Presumably Gays & Lesbians for Individual Liberty do not share the CLS view of human sexuality. … Continue reading

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Crony capitalism

I haven’t yet, and probably never will, fully think through this editorial from today’s Wall Street Journal, titled An Economy of Liars. The author is from the Cato Institute, a right-libertarian group, so read it discerningly for that bias. Thomas … Continue reading

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Felix Culpa, blogging at Ora et Labora (if those ring no bells, search them on Wikipedia; it pays to increase your theological word power), reprises a two-year-old heavy-duty recommendation of the novel Gilead by  Marilynn Robinson. The review and excerpts … Continue reading

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Retired Indianopolis Elder Law attorney Phillip Price will set out, volcano (and God) willing, on a 500 mile hike in France and Spain, blogging merrily as he goes: Join me on my Camino de Santiago (Way of St James).  My journey begins  … Continue reading

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