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Organized Chaos

It’s daily clippings again, but I’ve gathered them under some headings. Continue reading

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Saturday 10/15/16

Another six installments in the #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary saga Continue reading

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Tuesday, 5/26/15

Miscellany followed by some First Things June/July highlights. Continue reading

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The Righteous Mind

It may sound impious to say it on the eve of the Feast of Christ’s Nativity, but I just finished maybe the most important “secular” book I’ve read this year, Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided … Continue reading

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Morals Mashup

I’ve been reading and enjoying Catholic blogger Mark Shea a great deal over the last month or two since discovering him (whereas, before, I merely had heard of him vaguely). One of his recurring themes recently has been voting as … Continue reading

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Joe Sobran on War

As I rummaged through my trove of Joe Sobran clippings, I found a lot of gems unrelated to the privacy motif I’ve already discussed. Especially notable is his stance on our middle-eastern policy, in the face of the insults of … Continue reading

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Poetry roundup

Part of an occasional series, I point to poetry I’ve encountered and enjoyed in one way or another. Most of this material is copyrighted, and I don’t care to get permission for use, so I’ll link to Writer’s Almanac, which … Continue reading

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As the California SSM case sinks in

When a judge takes a hotly-contested definition of marriage and labels it a “finding of fact,” we have not discovered an ingenious end-run around the turmoil of our culture wars. We have simply witnessed another volley in those wars. Tempting … Continue reading

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A few links to others’ comments on same-sex marriage decision

First, Stephen Chapman, conservative and supporter of SSM, shows how extremely libertarian his position is (he would legalize polygamy) but also make good points about the “who decides” issue and the likely backlash. Second, a Yale law professor (one of … Continue reading

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Why do they hate us so?

When they’re not insisting that we’re beloved by all men of goodwill, certain U.S. leaders are impugning the motives of those who don’t love us.

But there are reasons why they might hate us. Not one of them is “for our freedom.” Continue reading

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