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Rand Paul Civil Rights Act retrospective has a pretty interesting set of reactions to the kefuffle over Rand Paul’s initial equivocation on the public accommodations portions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act: Jonah Goldberg Michael Medved Jacob Sullum David Harsanyi They’re interesting partly because they … Continue reading

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A City the Devil Built

If the Devil created an anti-city, a place where people would feel least human, Atlanta would surely be that place …. So William Howard Kunstler opens his blog this week, but not so much to excoriate Atlanta as to introduce … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing preview

We don’t even have a nominee yet, but the posturing — academic and political — is shaping up, as signaled on the editorial page of today’s Washington Post. In the right corner, weighing in with the mantra of “commitment to … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs – “the other side” told persuasively

“Goldman Sachs” is not a term of endearment at my favorite websites, such as Front Porch Republic. And I have reflected my own ill-ease with such too big to fail concerns in recent weeks, as well as passing along some … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs again: a defender and a “third way” step back

Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal rises to the defense of Goldman Sachs, and this time it’s not half-hearted. (You knew someone would, didn’t you? Some people are just contrary.) Make no mistake: The gestalt behind the SEC case … Continue reading

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Replacing Justice Stevens

The world of punditry is full of opinions about filling the seat of Justice John Paul Stevens upon his long-overdue retirement this summer, so important has become the Supreme Court to our polity. Doug Masson, perhaps half-jokingly, defended what I’d … Continue reading

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