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Monday, 9/30/13

Downsizing perspective Orienting what? A voice crying in the vaguely Jesuit wilderness Adjudication by name-calling When is the Lord coming? Forget NSA; PPACA is the enemy

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Storefront Churches

Our local dead tree newspaper had a story on storefront Churches today. The pastors seemed quite pleased to be doing something so edgy. “It helps us connect with people who are uncomfortable with traditional church experiences,” said Jeff Mikels, pastor of Lafayette Community … Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/29/13

An Orthodoxen at WYD Infallibility (and another useless doctrine) Putin the cultural conservative Corruptio optimimi pessima Admiring “Jesus,” albeit an imaginary one A Protestant Pope? First (and last) Miley Cyrus thought Pope Francis and Right-Wing Catholics

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Oh, no! Just when I thought I had the cosmos all figured out, it throws me a curveball! It now is considered an assault on the freedom of Christians if secularists remove pagan symbols from government schools. If you’re shaking … Continue reading

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Saturday, 9/28/13

Waiting for Mr. Just So Narcissism christened Highlighting absurdity

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Thursday, 9/26/13

“I always knew the questions in advance.” Extreme Investing Liverpool Football Attractions Inward focus at the Sunday Morning Show The Coca-Cola Explosion God ≠ Man in a Louder Voice Melt-down Forecast [Crickets Chirping]

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Tuesday, 9/24/13

Choose your own cross Acteva Crackberry collapses Focusing on the “field hospital” figure Papal dog whistles? Shut up, they explained.

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Sunday, 9/22/13

Hard teachings, health-giving teachings Awkward and uncharted Glitches and fraudsters and war, oh my! The Revolution will proceed over objection Kurzweil makes his mark

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“Everything is going to be much harder”

Pope Francis gave a very long interview and then vetted it before publication, giving it his nihil obstat before publication. The response has been varied. Class smart-ass (now a paid position at the New Yorker) Breibart fancied Supreme Court Justices Scalia and … Continue reading

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Tidbits 9/20/13

Defending by annihilating Roots, Limits, Love Varieties of Conservative Experience I’ll never fuse with this kind of Conservative What’s Worship for II? How to figure out whose Ferrari that is

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