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Fraud on the courts?

Notre Dame’s president, the Rev. John Jenkins, … justified the birth-control decision by saying, in part, that Catholic tradition requires respect for “the conscientious decisions of members of our community.” Of course, Notre Dame community members can exercise their consciences … Continue reading

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Thursday, 10/26/17

In which I twice quote Michael Brendan Dougherty Tweets and also lament the downward trajectory of religious freedom. In this blog are many categories. Continue reading

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Saturday, 8/5/17

Stagnant versus permanent; two on trans; asymptotically approaching open border; my take on Trump, July 2011. Continue reading

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Soul food

A 1942 essay punches above its age. Continue reading

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Healthcare dysfunction

Behold! A common (if incohesive) theme emerges from the muck! Could it be intelligently designed? Continue reading

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A Clash of Huntingtons

Clashing civilizations and four more Continue reading

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Potpourri 7/19/17

No real common theme that I can see. Just six (or eight, depending how you count) noteworthies. Continue reading

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Mélange 7/1/17

Cardinal Pell, the Devil’s due, cooperating on a healthcare Bill, the agony of defeat, SPLC’s hate list again, and the best leeches – GREAT leeches! Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/28/17

Sating the superstitions and desires of the recently de-Christianized and much more. Continue reading

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Dreher the Nominalist?

Busy week. Light blogging today. Continue reading

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