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Monday, 3/31/14

I almost found nothing to blog about today, but Rod Dreher added enough to Ross Douthat to make a bloggable mashup. Plus a short prophecy of my own. Continue reading

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Sunday, 3/30/14

Sunnie’s Under-the-Bus Adventure Dr. John is not Donny Osmond Walking in Putin’s Shoes A little soulcraft

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The World Vision kerfuffle

In the hour of real trial, will Evangelicalism field 7,000 unbent knees, a squadron of Polycarps who won’t offer even a pinch of incense? Continue reading

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Friday, 3/28/14

“Can we be good without God?” Who cares? God came not to make bad men good, but dead men alive. (Four other items, too, including the ageless conceit that our economics is God’s economics.) Continue reading

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Thursday 3/27/14

Reverse Alchemy Hobby Lobby the day after the day after Crisis Fatigue Human nature, Mother Nature and Moore’s Law How not to win a Senate seat in Iowa

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Wednesday, 3/26/14

Vindication The Thing Books that Used to be Conservativesm Back in the USA Why didn’t we intervene in …? Implying consent The No Win Hobby Lobby Situation

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SCOTUS Day, 3/25/14

Rick Warren on Purpose-Driven Business Ed Whelan on Employer duty, Employee rights Daniel Blomberg on the Government’s implausible mantra Michael A. Helfand on the Government’s Theological claim Errata For Graphic Learners Professor Volokh’s dispassionate Guide for the Perplexed Tipsy’s Take … Continue reading

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Monday, 3/24/14

Every word a lie? An astonishing recording rediscovered Fred Phelps Fun Phacts Sympathy with the Devil

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Sunday, 3/23/14

Orchestral March Madness How much is that Congressman in the Window? Douthat Answers Reader Questions Politics as usual: mutual supporter outrage

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Saturday, 3/22/14

More on foreign affairs (including an NPR indiscretion on NATO), corporate personhood follies and more. Continue reading

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