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Friday, 3/21/14

Lordy, lordy, lordy! How shall I feel if the IRS takes down Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll, as they took down Al Capone, for tax law violations? Also, good fear (poop) versus bad fear (hellfire) and the threat of non-refunded CCRC fees. Continue reading

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Thursday 3/20/14

Progressivism, Prosperityism and Putin Continue reading

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Wednesday 3/19/14

Educational success is relative EvertNot Walking in Putin’s shoes What we have here is a failure to anticipate Absolutely ineffectual The Ark as Type

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Tuesday, 3/18/14

Guess who didn’t keep their powder dry This Calvinist non-Lent brought to you by the letter “T” Suicide for a serious candidate, but … Soft and Tough Pander Bears Nomads of Science Thea Kronborg on what matters

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Hagios Podrig (St. Patrick) 2014

First Things first. And second, third & fourth. Continue reading

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Corporations with Conscience

Is your corporate conscience government-approved? Continue reading

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Sunday 3/16/14

Stephen King thinks good health is a key to good writing. Shane McGowan, with one foot in the grave for decades, thinks substance abuse unlocks the unconscious. Fr. Stephen is more interested in knowing God, so he writes of fasting. Continue reading

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Saturday, 3/15/14

The indeterminacy of liberalism leaves it vulnerable to relativism. Relativism easily becomes decidedly illiberal, even dictatorial. In such an environment, solidarity withers. Continue reading

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Friday, 3/14/14

Al Jazeera reporting what our media can’t or won’t report accurately, plus the Nation mis-handles yet a third story. But there’s two uppers at the end. Continue reading

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Thursday, 3/13/14

A startling insight attributed to Milton, illustrated by Millay and Rochester. Also, yawns at Putin’s supposed blitzkrieg, the Just War dilemma, and Koch brother hatred gets goofy. Continue reading

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