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Wednesday 8/31/16

Reno’s cunning translations; The other persecutors; Michael Tracey’s cunning distillation; Dolchstoßlegende; The Great Pander; The dysphoric trans tweens of yore; Our coming Public Accommodation?
Would I stand for the Anthem if …? Continue reading

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Monday 8/29/16

Who gets to sneer? First Things podcast recommended. Naked emperors. Continue reading

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Saturday 8/27/16

The low, low bar for Presidential timber; Legitimizing a bastard edict; Rulings against whom or what?; Civil religion turns 100?; IVF, ART and the quest for cures; Moral Hazard; Breitbart Continue reading

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Friday 8/26/16

Faith healers and psychics
Salvation by Salvation by Faith Alone
The Lottery of Indecency
Warning against Trigger Warnings
Two takes on the Epi-Pen kerfuffle Continue reading

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Thursday 8/25/16

Jiang versus SNAP — Merited Impossibility update — Perversity on Parade — Reconsidering voluntarily. Continue reading

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Wednesday 8/24/16

Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher get Eiched. Tipsy’s grandson gets a nickname. UTex profs make asses of themselves. More. Continue reading

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Tuesday 8/23/16

Narcissist amateur Trump aces reptilian pro Clinton Continue reading

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Monday 8/22/16

Longing for an alternative. With friends like Swetland, who needs Ian Paisley? Imagine a competent GOP Candidate …. When do we go back to school? Who still speaks for conservatism? Continue reading

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Death and funerals

Finally, he gets some uninterrupted time to figure out all this stuff. Continue reading

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Saturday 8/20/16

David French nails the trans issue most people are scared to talk about, political potpourri, and a sobering but comforting closer. Continue reading

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