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The Antifa Spirit in America

Three related items deserve memorialization: First, the beating-with-impunity of journalist Andy Ngo by antifa thugs in Portland. Portland police are AWOL; most or all left-of-center condemnations blame the victim, too: [T]o insist that we call antifa ‘fascists’ only plays into … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 12/22/18

Lacking anything better to do, Senate takes “corrective action” against nation’s dead great-grandparents. More … Continue reading

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Ain’t that just like life for ya?

Concrete instance: So over the weekend President Trump made liberal heads explode by…proposing to return Title IX rules to the way they were before President Obama changed them … The truth is that this sort of confrontation was bound to … Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/4/17

Educational innovation, dim-bulb Islamists, politicizing tragedy, rethinking our laxual sexity, false flags and lobbying payoff. Continue reading

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Saturday, 9/9/17

Long, but some important stuff all the way down. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 8/23/17

I’m justifiably hard on some people today, including at least three smacks at the press. Continue reading

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Saturday Evening, 8/19/17

Trump’s agenda progressing swimmingly. The rest is mostly Charlottesville-inspired. Continue reading

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Friday, 8/18/17

Grand Rapids’ Lutheran Work Ethic? Fortunatdly, not all seven items today are so risible. Continue reading

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Ephemera 7/10/17

Wherein Tipsy meanders and finally throws down a gauntlet before himself. Continue reading

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Trump in Warsaw

Almost thou makest me a Trumpista, you grievance-mongering idiots. Continue reading

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