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Saturday, 5/28/16

Calling B.S. on Pat Buchanan. The inevitable Donald Trump. Why don’t these guys just become Orthodox? More. Continue reading

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Sunday, 5/29/16

Music that speaks to me No forced choice

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Wednesday, 5/25/16

Trump v. Clinton is not an easy bet; the second tear makes kitsch kitsch; aiming where the fighting is; the untrustworthy Department of Justice. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 5/24/16

Airbnb “scandal,” Muslim homeschoolers, school mandates, and a whimsical proposal for faithful Catholic employees. Plus a Trump bonus. Continue reading

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Monday, 5/23/16

Why do I bother with the category “transvaluation of values” when almost every blog installment includes it. “Sexualia,” too. But there’s something more important this time. Continue reading

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Saturday, 5/21/16

Such good circuses, and abundant (if toxic) bread. Continue reading

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Friday, 5/20/16

Would it help if the Little Sisters of the Poor went to jail? That’s about as religious as today’s obsessively political installment gets. Continue reading

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Thursday, 5/19/16

Why don’t we just pass a law that says (1) Everybody be nice now. (2) The Human Relations Commission shall have power to implement this law by fanciful regulations, impenetrable jargon, and Orwellian imposition. Continue reading

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

“A quiet, face-saving, non-precedent-setting defeat” for Team Obama, Selma envy, bad distaff theology, the luxury priorities of the bien pensants, and more. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 5/17/16

The Demagogue’s Foul Manners Prophetic “Rights Talk” UN bien pensant‘s 2⊄ worth Collateral damage of the Left’s Culture War Single Issues Gov’t has spoken: Thou Shalt Violate Due Process Factually challenged Naked Emperperson

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