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The Demagogue’s foul manners – making fun of a crippled man, gratuitously insulting the wives of his competitors, saying that a journalist who asked him hard questions had “blood coming out of her whatever” — are widely viewed as a reaction against political correctness.

Nonsense.  Political correctness is not good manners, but ideologically tendentious manners.   The PC commissars are totalitarians who defame those who hold opinions with which they disagree as part of a policy of humiliating and silencing them.  It is a part of good manners not to behave that way.

Actually, The Demagogue behaves much like the commissars himself, but goes one step further.  The tyrants of political correctness might defame you for disagreeing with the tenets of radical feminism, but The Demagogue defames you just for belonging to the sex which has a monthly period.  This is progress?

If you want to get rid of PC, don’t attack good manners.  Restore them.

(J. Budziszewski)



The recently adopted laws including in the states of Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee, which discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons in the United States contravene the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the US is a State party, and which states that the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guarantee to all persons equal and effective protection.

As a consequence, cultural, traditional or religious values cannot be invoked to justify any form of discrimination, including discrimination against LGBTI persons. These laws should be reconsidered as soon as possible.

The European Union reaffirms its commitment to the equality and dignity of all human beings irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity. We will continue to work to end all forms of discrimination and to counter attempts to embed or enhance discrimination wherever it occurs around the world.”

(Statement by the EU Spokesperson on LGBTI rights in the United States, emphasis added)

I was unaware of the U.S. being a party to an international Covenant that obliges it to a free-floating compulsion of private businesses to do business with, and even individuals not in business to associate with (“prohibit any discrimination”), those they’d prefer to avoid.

I was unaware that the bien pensants of Europe think they can selectively invoke such a Covenant to hector the U.S. about insufficient protection for particular favored putative victims.

I was unaware that the bien pensants of Europe consider our 50 sovereign states wholly-owned subsidiaries of the signatory national government, which apparently is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the cosmos, governed, of course, by the bien pensants.

I am not amused. I invite them to mettre où le soleil ne brille jamais (which colloquialism doubtless loses something in translation).


I had assumed that Team Obama hadn’t thought through the consequences of last Friday’s bathroom edict, but I may have given them too much credit for caring about harm to innocent people from their perverse policies:

[H]ow are the new federal guidelines from the Department of Education ordering schools to institute racial quotas on suspensions going? The feds did this because black and Latino students are suspended at disproportionate rates. Here’s how the policy is working out in St. Paul, MN:

Under pressure from Obama educrats, public school districts are no longer suspending even violent students; but now, under pressure from Black Lives Matter, they are suspending teachers who complain about not suspending bad kids.

In St. Paul, Minn., a high school teacher was put on administrative leave last month after Black Lives Matter threatened to shut down the school because the teacher complained about lenient discipline policies that have led to a string of assaults on fellow teachers.

Last month, two students at Como Park Senior High School punched and body slammed a business teacher unconscious, opening a head wound that required staples. And earlier in the year, another student choked a science teacher into a partial coma that left him hospitalized for several days.

In both cases, the teachers were white and the students black.

Theo Olson, a teacher at the school complained on Facebook about new district policies that fail to punish kids for fighting and drug-dealing …

St. Paul teacher Theo Olson is labeled a racist by Black Lives Matter for saying that a lack of discipline hurts education …

Black Lives Matter called Olson “a white supremacist” even though he had once marched with the group. Two days after Black Lives Matter met with the St. Paul school superintendent — and agreed to call off its protest — the 10-year veteran teacher was put on leave.

(Rod Dreher) Oh, get this: the Department of Education now calls these young criminals ‘justice-involved individuals.”


“Didn’t know we’d be here,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion group. Ms. Dannenfelser began the year in Iowa with a group of other politically active conservative women like Ms. Nance who tried to stop Mr. Trump because, as they said at the time, he “disgusted” them.
Now, as Ms. Dannenfelser contemplates the possibility of the next president appointing one or more justices to the Supreme Court, she said, “My feelings about him, whether I’m happy or not happy about how he speaks, doesn’t matter an iota.”
The Susan B. Anthony List is planning to spend $6 million to $8 million this year on a nationwide campaign, including hundreds of canvassers to knock on doors for Mr. Trump. “It’s more about rationality overcoming feelings than anything else,” Ms. Dannenfelser said.

(Social Conservatives, However Reluctant, Are Warming to the Idea of Trump) I respect the SBA list, despite some of their supported candidates turning out badly.

But my (single-issue) rationality cannot overcome my antipathy to Trump’s proto-fascism. I guess that means I’m not a single-issue voter any more, but very few voters really are. There’s always the question of the credibility of the candidate who professes the better position on your issue and, yes, the possibility that he’s a monster-in-waiting.


… colleges and universities are implementing unconstitutional procedures mandated by the government.

(George Will) Let “unconstitutional mandate” sink in.

Title IX of the Education Amendments enacted in 1972 merely says no person at an institution receiving federal funds shall be subjected to discrimination on the basis of sex. From this the government has concocted a right to micromanage schools’ disciplinary procedures, mandating obvious violations of due process.

In 2011, the Education Department’s civil rights office sent “dear colleague” letters to schools directing them to convict accused persons on a mere “preponderance” of evidence rather than “clear and convincing” evidence. Schools were instructed to not allow accused students to cross-examine their accusers, but to allow accusers to appeal not-guilty verdicts, a form of double jeopardy.

Although a “dear colleague” letter is supposedly a mere “guidance document,” it employs the word “must” in effectively mandating policies. While purporting to just “interpret” Title IX, these letters shred constitutional guarantees. And the letters evade the legal requirement that such significant rulemaking must be subject to comment hearings open to a properly notified public. Even were CSU Pueblo inclined to resist such dictates — academic administrators nowadays are frequently supine when challenged — it would risk a costly investigation and the potential loss of the 11 percent of its budget that comes from Washington.

Remember: last Friday’s “Dear Colleague” letter was a Title VII “guidance” from the current regime, as was the Title IX guidance Will is talking about.


On May 9, Vanita Gupta — the head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice — uttered these words:

Here are the facts. Transgender men are men — they live, work, and study as men. Transgender women are women — they live, work, and study as women.

(Via David French) Dare I suggest that the head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has a tenuous grasp of reality if ze thinks these are “facts”?

I do commend the David French article, which, apart from the paragraph that begins “In other words,” is pretty solid and scary.


Naked Emperors

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