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Orthodox Economics (with a shame-faced eucharistic postscript)

I’m unlikely for years, if ever, to compose a better introductionto Distributism for Orthodox Christians (or others) than this article from the Orthodox Peace Fellowship . All the following quotes, accordingly, are from it unless otherwise noted. “Capitalism immediately appeals … Continue reading

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Declaration of Independence

Something in me snapped — or “a little light went on” — at George W. Bush’s Second Inaugural Address. “Self,” I said to myself. “This man is talking certified, 100%, gold-plated bilge water. And that’s not unusual. They all talk that way.”

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9th Commandment Watch

“$200 million a day”

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Dear Fr. Ivan …

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Babel redux

I have sometimes imagined myself as a sort of political ballast. When the country seemed to be listing leftward, I made conservative noises. When Zombies went on interminably about how the words “wall of separation” appear nowhere in the Constitution, and … Continue reading

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Life in this world

It seemed an interesting juxtaposition that The Writer’s Almanac and Front Porch Republic should today, on side-by-side tabs of my web browser, reflect on some of the big themes of life in this world. 

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The Elections

Two pundits write of the election tomorrow. James Howard Kunstler says “It’s really too late for both parties. They’re unreformable.” “Conservative” Carol Platt Liebau says she’s going to vote straight Republican and gives 6 pretty lousy reasons she insists are “good”.

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