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Wednesday, 3/30/16 (Updated)

The fragility of Protestantism plus two on religious freedom (including Little Sisters vs. Obamacare’s contraception mandate) Continue reading

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Tuesday, 3/29/16

Dear NCAA; Getting all sophisticated; Simple prayer and spiritual narcissism; Survival odds; What doesn’t kill you Continue reading

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Easter, 2016

You can’t beat something with nothing. And today offers a semi-annual opportunity to protect your kids against catching something. Continue reading

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Saturday, 3/26/16

I separated some legal wonkery into a separate blog so this one could have the theme of “miscellany.” It ended up being pretty shamelessly political because some of the miscellany was self-indulgent and mediocre. Conservatism to believe in 160 years: … Continue reading

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Accommodations and Complicity

A few more, perhaps (but unlikely) concluding, thoughts on Wednesday’s Contraceptive Mandate arguments. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 3/23/16

Listening to Lincoln? Exposing the Underbelly Hadley Arkes #fail The pickle we’re in Islamophobe theologizes about antisemitism It’s not food if … Douglas Laycock #fail

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Little Sisters v. Obamacare update

One or two more things about this morning’s Oral Arguments in Little Sisters v. Obamacare Continue reading

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Obamacare v. The Little Sisters

On Wednesday, something a lot more important than basketball is happening. Continue reading

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Vernal equinoxish

3 politics (Trump, of course), 2 on cultural confusion generally, and 2 on religionish topics. Sounds balanced. I’m pleased enough. It’s above average. Continue reading

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March 18, the year of our lord trump

In due course, I’ll turn to the irresistible topic du jour, The Donald. But first, pleasanter things. Continue reading

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