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Life goes on — and maybe gets better

I have been enjoying Jake Meador and the other young folks who write for Mere Orthodoxy for several years now, as it accelerates its publishing pace and the breadth of its author pool. I can’t say for sure I’ve encountered … Continue reading

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Clippings and comment, 1/22/19 pm

1 David Brooks: [I]n the age of social media [polarization is] almost entirely about social type. It’s about finding and spreading the viral soap operas that are supposed to reveal the dark hearts of those who are in the opposite … Continue reading

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Friday Potpourri 8/24/18

1 Do you support religious liberty or LGBT individuals? It needn’t be an either–or proposition. Just as many who identify as LGBT hold conservative values, so many religious social conservatives count LGBT individuals among their beloved friends, family, and colleagues. … Continue reading

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Greengrocers, incense and such

This story/parable, of which I learned through Rod Dreher several years ago, remains one of the most powerful and timely (maybe timeless) I know: Consider, says Havel, the greengrocer living under communism, who puts a sign in his shop window … Continue reading

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North of the Border, Up Canada Way

No State really cares what its people believe, so long as they keep it to themselves, and salute the State’s gods on all State occasions. The State’s gods today may be Abortion and Sodomy and Gender Metamorphosis. We might want … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 12/12/17

Turning flesh to words, math to music, and knowing nothing to a virtue. Continue reading

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Friday, 12/8/17

Where nothing’s in common Changing the Context Why we’re not solving Weinsteinism “Ladies and Gentlemen …” A masterpiece on Masterpiece Motivated reasoning makes people stupid Unprecedented

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Thursday, 11/30/17

  Tipsy the Niehburian Pretext: Veritas The Last words of Gary, now an unperson A discrimination law hypothetical Why Jack Phillips should win

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Saturday of an eventful week

This may set a record for categories and tags. I thought of splitting it, but it’s somewhat through-composed. Continue reading

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Friday, 11/10/17

Quite a potpourri, from folk theodicy and folk Calvinism though gender reassignment and untreated mental illness. Continue reading

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