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Wednesday, 7/27/16

  1. The worm turns
  2. Wrong guy for the job
  3. Springing the mechanical rabbits
  4. Tim LaHaye: Rest in, um, whatever Baptists rest in
  5. Deadly euphemisms, gauzy optics

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Posted by: readerjohn | July 26, 2016

Tuesday, 7/26/16

  1. Why not Hillary?
  2. Religious extremism according to government
  3. Two-party system unmasked
  4. History resists whitewashing
  5. Borderline personality Mommy vs arch-narcissist Daddy
  6. The root of our political problems
  7. No longer the party of Sarge & Eunice
  8. Just stop it!

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Posted by: readerjohn | July 24, 2016

Sunday, 7/24/16

  1. Is God basically just the baddest badass?
  2. Sanity: Getting out of your mind.
  3. What should enchanted bread/body look like?

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Posted by: readerjohn | July 22, 2016

Just politics


For those conservatives who wish to survive the election principles intact, however, the choices are really only two: Hold your nose and vote Trump to stop Hillary, or do not vote for president at all.

(Jeremy Boreing) I point out this dogmatic pronouncement to note the imaginative failure of the author.

Third party, Mr. Boreing, third party. If ever there was a year to say “We’re fed up with two corrupt parties and aren’t going to take it any more,” this is it.


It has been several weeks now, which is an eternity in our rapid news cycle, but it still sticks in my craw that a Muslim hot head (and possible closet queen) can go on a mass murder rampage against gays in Orlando and the instant reaction of the most influential newspaper in the country, if not in the world, is to ask Have Christians Created a Harmful Atmosphere for Gays?


In this space was snippets of people defending or excoriating Ted Cruz for getting up at the Convention and conspicuously not endorsing Trump. Was it heroic principle or boorish manners? It got to be overwhelming and muddy.

There are conservative Trump opponents who nevertheless think Cruz behaved badly, not just Trump supporters. If you care, you’ve probably seen plenty of conflicting spins, but here are most that I read:

David Harsanyi
Rod Dreher
Daniel Larison
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
Michael Brendan Dougherty:
Peggy Noonan
Patrick J. Buchanan


I am very, very distressed by the situation in our country. I believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a catastrophe for the thing I care about most: religious liberty. Yet I believe a Trump presidency would be a different kind of catastrophe, one that would, among other things, make war more likely. (For example, even though I believe it was foolish to bring all those countries on Russia’s borders into NATO, I think it is foolish for Trump to put NATO’s security guarantees to them up for grabs. If Trump is sworn in, I foresee Putin sending tanks into the Baltics soon thereafter.) One of the core reasons that I am a conservative is fear of the mob. It’s why I loathe and despise what Black Lives Matter and other SJWs do on campuses, and this week, what Republicans aligned with Trump have been doing in Cleveland and beyond. American politics has entered a stage where the passions of the mob increasingly rule both sides, because emotional extremism is rewarded. I want no part of any of it.

(Rod Dreher)


Though we knew it was coming, many of us still can’t quite get our heads around the news. The same mindless media cycle that helped propel Trump to this place seems to dilute the truth somehow, making it all seem to exist in a virtual land of non-reality. Melania plagiarized her speech! Trump still can’t form a complete sentence! LOL!

But it’s real, and it’s not funny.

The Republican Party holds majorities in both houses of Congress and record numbers of gubernatorial offices and state legislatures. The last thing it needed to achieve near-unprecedented levels of control of government was the White House, and amazingly, the Democratic Party is about to nominate Hillary Clinton, its most unpopular nominee ever. But instead of nominating any of the countless Republican candidates who would have won against Clinton, the GOP chose the one candidate American hates more than it hates her. A man who embodies the qualities of both a carnival barker and low-rent Mussolini at once.

(Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry)

* * * * *

“In learning as in traveling and, of course, in lovemaking, all the charm lies in not coming too quickly to the point, but in meandering around for a while.” (Eva Brann)

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.

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Thursday, 7/21/16

  1. The weird and depressing GOP platform
  2. Obama picked the trans-potty fight
  3. Cheating is part of the rules
  4. XY: “systemic oppression of the highest order”
  5. The Donald, Lutheran?

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Monday, 7/18/16

  1. Respect and authority
  2. Increase your word power
  3. Playing for all the Marbles
  4. Troparion to St. Bob the Dad
  5. Naked Emperor

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Posted by: readerjohn | July 17, 2016

Sunday, 7/17/16

  1. Morality vs. Virtue
  2. Giving God the finger
  3. “Is ___ a sin?”
  4. The (right) context of faith
  5. Who needs reenchantment?
  6. Martyred for a conclusion!?
  7. Persistence

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Saturday the 16th

  1. My original (sort of) insight
  2. Lives matter, but evil ≠ problem
  3. Potemkin Xianity
  4. Profile update

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Posted by: readerjohn | July 15, 2016

Friday, 7/15/16

  1. Religious freedom red letter day
  2. Domesticated religion
  3. A gross grandpa parable
  4. Bush picks Dan Quayle

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Put on your thinking cap

  1. Baiting the Bear
  2. On ne naît pas femme, on le devient
  3. Capitalism is not conservative
  4. God is more than a choice
  5. I found the pony!
  6. Dead, but culturally triumphant
  7. Harvard according to Dreher

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