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Wednesday 11/30/16

The King’s Banquet Francis and The Dubia What use is “middle ages”? How convenient! France’s wart

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Tuesday 11/29/16

How lovely to be Your guest; More, more, more!; Provincial Brooklynite rants against provincials; Foreign reactions to Trump; Obamacare; Recount’s Silver Lining; The Trumpista Monster Responds Continue reading

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Sunday 11/27/16

Divine ascent; Appalachian Trump Voters; Better than Federalism; Self-Identified Christians Continue reading

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Saturday 11/26/16

Principal verities; Presumptuous election post-mortem; Pro-life’s “old guard”; Price of Freedom. Plus, a recitation of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Gods of the Copybook Page.” Continue reading

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Friday 11/25/16

Pro forma spiritual “care”; No permanent failure; Diversity and Inclusion cant; The New Cargo Cult; #HRC_Fail (for a change); Down a fundy rabbit hole; Wyoming Catholic College Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day 2016

In the Gnostic Dream world History doesn’t repeat, but … Nationalisms There oughta be a law How privacy gets lost

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Wednesday 11/23/16

Comfort for the logorrheic; Is this your lucky day?; The Truth about Post-Truth Politics: Like “racist” from SPLC; Another reason to love Mitch; Applied Distributism Continue reading

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Tuesday 11/22/16

Reality check; Angry at the politics of anger; A slap and a girlfriend; Both parties blown up; America’s “conservatism”; Becoming what you condemn; Distractor-in-Chief Continue reading

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Monday 11/21/16

Racists and existential threats; Forensic science on parade; The illiberal foundations of liberalism; All they want for Christmas is a white ethno-state; “Christians” felt great on 11/9/16? Continue reading

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Sunday 11/20/16

Can we simply gain our souls?; The consumerist narrative; Constantly moving happiness machines; The experience of veneration Continue reading

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