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Steven Bannon

Steven Bannon speaks for himself. Continue reading

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Saturday 11/19/16

“[W]e continue to digest this astounding election.” Tipsy proffers two maxims. More (with and without ellipsis) Continue reading

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Friday 11/18/16

Epistemic humility plus a collection of reflections on — who else — Trump, the transition, and Trump critics. Continue reading

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Thursday 11/17/16

Magnificent Myth; Racial tu quoque; Those messy social issues; Chief Executive; Weaponizing empathy Continue reading

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Wednesday 11/16/16

Trump’s decadence is not sui generis, Political ignorance, Legal wordplay and a paucity of Protestants. Continue reading

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The Trump Doctrine?

John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani would be lousy at the foreign policy Trump promised. Continue reading

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Tuesday 11/15/16

A week later, the headache is dissipating, they eyes focusing more clearly. What have we done? OMG! What have we done?! Continue reading

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Monday 11/14/16

Best yet explanation of Trump The instantiation of every evil This stranger, my roommate Reprise: Trump will win; Trump will be impeached This BrainDead post-election

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Saturday 11/12/16

Prayer Mission Accomplished? A natural, self-driven eruption Trump’s Secret Weapon I thought The Vapors were passé Cobbler, stick to your last Pollster shame

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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has died. WSJ. NYT (which is fascinating and calls him “the master of erotic despair”). When he was young and fresh, I was too busy with other things, and as yet insufficiently attuned to poetry, to take note of … Continue reading

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