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Saturday, 8/30/14

Religious and, yes, conservative humanism; It’s a miracle!; a pessimist’s course correction; Well played, Mr. K!; Rainbow Progressivism; What shocks me these days. Continue reading

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Friday, 8/29/14

What is Christianity for? A bestiary of heresy Turning a blind eye because Our Kind of People don’t see this A change of (intertwined) culture Everything you need to know about celibacy

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Special Hatred Edition, 8/28/14

It has been a long time – actually, forever, I think – since I devoted a day to hatred, spite, malice, racism, anti-semitism and willful incorrigible misrepresentation. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 8/27/14

Cornel West is unhappy with Obama, Jihadists are faux Muslims, Progressives are imperialists and other paradoxes Continue reading

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Tuesday, 8/26/14

Denial isn’t a river in Libya Polanyi’s paradox The limits of good policing policy Living in the third great ecotone Keeping Napa Valley earthquakes in perspective

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Monday, 8/25/14

Islams and Christianities Mechanisms and causes The sacred precincts of the Iowa marital bedroom

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Tenderness leads to the gas chamber

I got this via e-mail, though there’s a web version, too (as with much e-mail today). I’m convinced that it’s true, and that the truth of it is important as we guard ourselves against becoming, in common terms, “monsters” – … Continue reading

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Saturday, 8/23/14

Four spiritual phenomena: spirituality without religion; near-death experiences; failed apostasies; and an in-your-face claim that’s surely from The Evil One. Continue reading

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Thursday, 8/21/14

Non-women who need abortions and other absurdities that come with 48 novelty genders, newly invented. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 8/20/14

Four contrarian thoughts – at least one of them wise, all of them fruitful to consider. Continue reading

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