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Anytown Ecumenical High

My beautiful dream was far more clueless than I had even a hint of. Continue reading

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Liturgy, mimesis, humus

If there’s no formula for becoming holy, then how can you pull off a symposium on holiness? Continue reading

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Nothing happened

Somehow, a day passed without anything notable happening. Well, nothing notable and edifying came to my attention.  Continue reading

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Tuesday, 10/10/17

Apologies today Libertarians today Hollywood tomorrow Onward toward Mars! Real pluralism Weinstein’s ambitious enablers Christianity Today Tweetables

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Not singing Kumbaya (and other bracing things)

Not singing Kumbaya; Left vs. Right; Stupid disruption; May the Mad Twitter King block dissent?; One of The Greats; How Federalism (sorta) works; Sacred Cows; When the fullness of the time had come

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Friday travels

Affirmation from a Mensch; Evangelicalism at its Best; Leadership’s King; Punking Trump; Drive-by suicide Continue reading

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Tuesday, 9/8/15

Eight items, all over the map, except evangelicalism is highlighted twice. Continue reading

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Monday, 8/24/15

Avoiding error versus embracing truth, the end of untenable Evangelical doctrinal bonhomie, and four others between those bookends. Continue reading

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Not all about RFRA. Really.

Just one, brief and objective RFRA item. Really.
Continue reading

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Wednesday, 1/28/15

I noticed that I was running long on religion, short on politics, so I moved the politics to a separate, forthcoming blog. This one’s all religious topics, should that be a particular turn-on or turn-off for you. Called to be … Continue reading

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