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Liberal gerrymandering

I may have found a website that’s very relevant to a current preoccupation of mine: Postliberal Thought. For instance, apropos of my particular concern for religious freedom, what if the very definition of “religion” in our liberal order is gerrymandered … Continue reading

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Feminization of Christianity?

I’ve been aware of, and tacitly agreed with, the theory that Christianity has been “feminized,” and that the feminization is the source of declining attendance, particularly among men. Rod Dreher reprised the theme Tuesday. Read it all if you’re unfamiliar … Continue reading

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Urban dreams

New Urbanism has had its share of critics. Some … have criticized New Urbanism because many new developments built along its principles occupy higher price points in the real estate market. They tend to be exclusive and unaffordable. The high prices, … Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/23/17

I keep coming up with collections that only can be called potpourri or equivalent. Continue reading

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Happiness Index & misc.

Pretty uninspired miscellany. On the other hand, they’re brief. Maybe one will inspire you. Continue reading

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Monday 11/7/16

Relatively absolute; The aspirin of our era; Assessing a candidate with no government track record; America First? Continue reading

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Wednesday, 8/10/16

Chesterton popped back on my radar. The most fundamental aspect of our human existence. Prioritizing the psychological and the subjective. More.
Continue reading

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Sunday, 7/24/16

Samples of three recent blogs by Fr. Stephen Freeman, putting flesh on the “nominalism” and “realism” bones. Continue reading

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The deep purpose of discussion

This weekend brings And Then They Came for Me to my hometown’s Civic Youth Theater. With that evocative title, I hope I don’t need to tell you what the general topic of the play is. But just in case, here goes … Continue reading

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October 1, 2015

I was feeling guilty about insufficiently afflicting the comfortable, so I’ve larded this one with offensive stuff. And dark. Don’t forget dark. Continue reading

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