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Is Faith Complicated?

Father Stephen Freeman, who I haven’t channeled in a while, has an uncommonly accessible blog Monday evening. “It’s complicated.” This statement sums up much of the modern experience. I do not think the world we encounter is actually complicated – … Continue reading

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Just wages, purpose of government

Describing the “just wage” Shortages of sand?! Really?! The Austrian road to socialism The purpose of government Success of government, Strength of families

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Becoming Magnetic

Rod Dreher, with the excuse of a David Brooks column to frame the question, returns to one of his perennial Front Porchy type themes: the importance of place. I didn’t read it initially, probably because of the uninspired title: The … Continue reading

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My Evil Twin and “deluded evangelical evildoers”

I alluded briefly to Frank Schaeffer’s fatwa (calling for “a way to expose and stop deluded evangelical evildoers”) in Thursday’s potpourri, which was released in RSS at 4 am. By the time I rose at 5:30, concerned that I had let … Continue reading

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two ways about it. Flashback. Don’t try this at home. Pattern-Seeking Sinner.

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Economic Stork Theory

I recently finished reading John Mêdaille’s Toward a Truly Free Market, and have been transcribing some notes from it. It was both a helpful review of economics (in which my formal education is minimal, much as I enjoyed it) and a … Continue reading

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My hope sometimes trumps my experience. I really don’t care for sports any more. When I was young and foolish, I was young and foolish. I weep at concerts. I am, relatively speaking, a real blue nose these days. I … Continue reading

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Religious, but au courant.

More on “expanding the sacrament.” How squishy a foundation, it seems. Competing Myths (one of the two is Coming Soon).

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Corporate Freedom of Religion?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of Tweeting and Facebook posting, as well as a couple of blogs (here and here), on various business challenges to the “employer contraceptive mandate” of the PPACA, a/k/a Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare.” I’ve … Continue reading

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Oppression in America

It’s hard to claim the place of the oppressed when you wield power like this. So ends a Timothy Dalrymple reflection on the Louie Giglio incident, which he described thus: An evangelical pastor with a sterling record, who had developed strong … Continue reading

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