Is Faith Complicated?

Father Stephen Freeman, who I haven’t channeled in a while, has an uncommonly accessible blog Monday evening.

“It’s complicated.”
This statement sums up much of the modern experience. I do not think the world we encounter is actually complicated – but our experience is. Simplicity is the reflection of an inner world free of conflicts and undercurrents. The truth of the modern inner-world is that it is generally pulled in many directions.

Kierkegaard wrote that “purity of heart is to will one thing.” But we don’t will one thing. We will everything, regardless of the contradictions.

Swell. Just what I need. Another homily to think about when my head’s swirling already.

Except that he closes with ten “suggestions for the complicated.” I think he’s clairvoyant and he had me in mind on all of them (although, truth be told, I’ve sorta kinda started to learn some of them already after just 15 years in the Orthodox Church.)

For those ten suggestions, you’ll need to take a worthwhile hypertrip to his fairly brief blog.

* * * * *

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.

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