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Sunday 11/30/14

Pavlov Press Out-creeping Peter Singer A euphemism I’ll avoid What’s the best risk? The test of religious bigotry Grateful to be gay

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Jeffrey Polet’s opinion on Ferguson: …

Two-minute Hates make us feel as good as a Pharisee admiring himself in prayer. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/26/14

Emotivism, not Rationalism, on the rise What if …? Free speech for she, but not for he What the Sexual Revolution hath wrought The only empirically verifiable doctrine Not from Athos Maybe it’s easier just to keep working

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Sunday 11/23/14

We get the Plutocracy we deserve The new Α & Ω Is the Daily Currant shilling for Snopes? Progressive Eugenicist Indiana Plotted Parenthood More on Christian Marriage in the new regime

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Where the action is

Where the action ain’t Where the action is Who killed the commonality?

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Friday 11/21/14

Which one of these was the Philanthropist? How the Russian Church Survived Sex and Character Preening over People Don’t worry your pretty little head “Be fruitful, gelding.” Preening over Peace Bill Cosby

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Wednesday, 11/19/14

What children do for democracy, rethinking marriage benefits, Fr. Martin discerns something-or-other, Teilhard de Chardin discerns an acorn, and One Class Act is still classy. Continue reading

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Monday, 11/17/14

At least there’s been a sharp dropoff in stories about how America’s on the brink of theocracy. That’s better than nothing. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/15/14

I’m kind of proud of this diverse collection today. Continue reading

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Commemoration of John Chrysostom, 11/13/14

Cheap Sex What you should get for $50k tuitions Keeping Up Appearances The Inevitability of Choice One Cheer for Disestablishmentarianism

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