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Revelations in Death’s Wake

My father-in-law and my mother died two weeks to the day apart. I was present both times when, in civil terms, they “breathed their last” but more importantly, if invisibly, their souls separated from their bodies. We bury my mother today. … Continue reading

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Monday, 11/10/14

Unusually political, but make no mistake: culture precedes politics. Continue reading

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Sunday, 11/9/14

We fight the revolution because it kills. But we also run hospitals for the wounded – or do we? Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/8/14

If your election lasts more than four years, see your doctor, disregarding progressive clobber passages, and other aggregated wisdom. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/5/14

No partisan political rejoicing or gloom, but lots of tough-minded integrity. Continue reading

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Sunday 11/2/14

Where faith gets lost. The death-defying ways of the WEIRD The SLAPP assault on free speech Nuts, nuttier, sociopathic

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Saturday, 11/1/14

If you find politics boring, don’t get your hopes us. Today is relatively political. Continue reading

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