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A real deal Christian on the left

Would that all become Orthodox Christians, but better by far to follow the Shane Claiborne path than to leave all semblance of Christianity. Continue reading

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Subliminal religion in politics

“Chase religious ideas out one door and they inevitably come in another — because the human mind naturally rebels against a worldview as incomplete, as manifestly threadbare, as pure materialism.” Ross Douthat * * * I used to say “I’m … Continue reading

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Friday 10/12/18

Varied, and I can’t unequivocally say that the first item is most important, though it’s very important indeed. Continue reading

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Jesus, loser

I think Christian Smith pretty well described Moralistic Therapeutic Deism when he coined the term, but Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon’s definition is now my favorite: The function of Church in society is to keep spiritually healthy and morally upright those … Continue reading

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On the other hand …

Two critiques of Billy Graham to complement yesteray’s eulogy. Continue reading

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Friday, 11/10/17

Quite a potpourri, from folk theodicy and folk Calvinism though gender reassignment and untreated mental illness. Continue reading

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Now that I have your attention, a serious comment on a pandemic I escaped. Continue reading

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The Hank Hanegraaf teachable moment

1 Ed Stetzer’s Christianity Today blog on the conversion of the Bible Answer Man to Christian Orthodoxy has been eating at me. Here’s the part that bugs me, in what I consider the relevant context: The early church was indeed more … Continue reading

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Is Revelation Reasonable?

Is revelation reasonable? Distinguishing distinct things. Beauty & the Beast as gay propaganda. Diversity warring with democracy. More. Continue reading

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Is it good for man to be alone?

It it good for man to be alone? Seems so, according to some. 7 other items. Continue reading

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