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Creation versus evolution and religious freedom versus SOGI laws. Who could ask for anything more? Continue reading

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Christian Worldview® processing

Christian Worldview® Education Putting Choice First Benedict or Constantine?

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Monday 12/5/16

Full Circle; The ban on Catholic Marriage; Butcher, Baker, Calligrapher; Trump Maximizing Personal Power; Inevitable isn’t what it used to be. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 7/28/15

“Our way of life has shot its wad,” “there is something profoundly unnatural about strangers engaging in the most intimate of physical acts” & more Continue reading

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Friday, 7/10/15

Art, faith, evolution and … Obergefell. Always Obergefell. The folly that keeps on giving. Continue reading

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Sunday, 1/4/15

Three GOP figures, at least one certifiably sane. Also religion and science (again) and journalistic rabble-rousing on religious freedom. Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2014

Two on The Incarnation (one’s weird, sick & stupid), one each on eccentricity and on creation and evolution, and two novels contrasted. Continue reading

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Creationists and Cappadocians

I’ve been a little snarky about 6-day, young-earth creationists of late, like here for instance. At The Week, Michael Brendan Dougherty rises to their defense – although not on the science. (H/T Rod Dreher) His defense echoes something I’ve said from time to time in … Continue reading

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Potpourri 2/13/14

What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker Hacking a currency?! “Blacklister” – who came to mind? A luxury, if you’re not starving “Wrong side of history” The fittest survivor of all Last Great Act of Defiance Who ya gonna believe … Continue reading

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Potpourri 2/12/14

Hyped debate twixt dumb and dumber Ideology taints everything Good conscience, bad conscience Guess who’s (awkardly, falteringly) injecting religion? Can I recant my recanting? A guy who just never finishes a job A feature, not a bug Woohoo! Food fight!

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