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Potpourri, 12/5/18

Did you know that is a valid URL? Neither did cybersecurity adviser Rudy Giuliani, heaven help us. Continue reading

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The Golden Globe deflection

Deflection as a media strategy has become an art form. Its purpose is to avoid answering a charge by misdirecting it and confusing the issue. It’s often used during crisis. There are classics of the genre. After Princess Diana died … Continue reading

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More lies in an age of lies

When people care enough about history to study and read it, it’s a small sin to lie and mislead in dramas. But when people get their history through entertainment, when they absorb the story of their times only through screens, … Continue reading

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Sunday, 12/10/17

A little late because I decided to delete some same-old same-old political rants. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/18/17

  Guard-rails An Orthodox Jewish perspective on religious freedom Quite a gambit Roman J. Israel, Esq.

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Friday, 11/10/17

Quite a potpourri, from folk theodicy and folk Calvinism though gender reassignment and untreated mental illness. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/4/17

Educational innovation, dim-bulb Islamists, politicizing tragedy, rethinking our laxual sexity, false flags and lobbying payoff. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 10/11/17

“It’s grace.” Bob Corker Hollywood seismographs hoppin’ Reach exceeding grasp  

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Potpourri 7/22/17

The Christian View of History Telling a “universal story” What makes “the net” un-neutral? The ground has shifted The protecting veil of progressivism A thoughtcrime Bill in Congress Three for three Sentimental nitwits

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Independence Day

Risking another epiphany Editorial all ready for next SCOTUS nominee Ready for the Big Leagues

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